Fast boats and water skis or inner tubes and lazy floating. The Seven Lakes, at the southern entrance of Silvana and East of Warm Beach and Kayak Point, all offer something on the spectrum of relaxing to exhilarating. 

The Seven Lakes is comprised of (from west to east) Lakes Martha, Howard, Shoecraft, Goodwin, Crabapple, Loma and Ki. The lakes vary from Lake Loma’s tiny 22 acres to Lake Goodwin’s 532 acre size. On the smallest of these lakes, boats are limited to electric trolling motors and old-fashioned oars. Move up in size and you’ll find jet skis and motor boats pulling skis and boards. Sky is the limit, as a matter of fact, on Lake Goodwin where amphibious aircraft can land.

On the calmer waters, locals bring out their kayaks and paddle boards (sometimes found for rent by vendors in front of Lake Ki) and find their balance for Standup Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga. Others float by on pool mattresses or dangle their legs through tractor tire inner tubes.  Either way, a cold drink in hand and lake water beneath your feet is a pretty nice way to relax.  Bring a fishing pole and pull in dinner. (Everything you’ll need except the fishing license is at the Lake Goodwin Store). Every one of these lakes has a public boat launch. 

By Lake Goodwin you’ll also find the family-friendly Paddle Pub serving breakfast lunch and dinner, and the 7 Lakes Gifts is a nice shopping diversion from all the outdoor play.