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Web Content Terms and Conditions

By making a submission, you agree to the terms and conditions for the use of the information you submit.

All images, text and other content submitted will be used in accordance to the policies of Discover Port Susan and it's partners. Discover Port Susan retains the rights to use any and/or all content in the tourism promotion of discoverportsusan.com, Discover Port Susan magazine, and any other printed or electronic use.

Copyrighted, trademarked and protected content will not be accepted for general use on Discover Port Susan. Only through explicit permission for their use will such content be accepted.  For more information about submissions of this nature, contact the City of Stanwood.


  • Images refer to any image, graphic, photo, drawing, painting or other visial media submitted electronically to Discover Port Susan.
  • Submission must be of content that is relative to Discover Port Susan.
  • No inappropriate/explicit content will be accepted.
  • Image types accepted are JPG, PNG, GIFF and many other formats.
  • Image sizes over 10,000 px dimensionally will not be accepted.  Submission are best at higher resolution as the system will automatically size the images for use.

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